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Tu Luong Foundation was established in 1992 in Vermont by Tan Lam in honor of his mother and father, Tu and Luong, respectively. Tan, his wife Thuy, and two children have been living in Des Moines, Washington for eight years. Tan was one of the “boat people” escaped out of Vietnam on a small fishing boat. Growing up during the Vietnam War and in five refugee camps taught him the values of prudence, hard work, and caring. Tan worked hard to achieve the American Dream, graduating from an Ivy League college.

Tan is a Washington State certified teacher. Tan taught both high school as a science teacher and as an adjunct college instructor. As a former refugee, Tan feels that he owes a great deal to this country and helping families and children achieve the American Dream through education is one of the greatest ways to repay his debt to America.

Tan Lam
Voice: (206)984-5583
Fax: (206)309-9678

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