Medical Missions

Operation Smile in Vietnam

Our medical mission team provides much needed medical/dental/optometric care to the underserved population around the world who cannot access health care service due to financial or geographical reasons and to mentor, nurture and train the next generation of medical humanitarian who will serve anywhere in the world.

Medical mission provides students with clinical experiences that instill compassion and that help students understand the true meaning of medicine and service.  Medical mission helps students take their education to the next level.

• Chance to participate in providing health care to poor patients.
• Shadowing the professionals and learn valuable experiences for future healthcare career.
• Learning teamwork and leadership skills.
• Provide training for local health professionals
• Hard work and leadership will be reflected in letter of recommendations.
•Develop long lasting friendships and gain valuable cultural experience.


Email is the preferred method for initial contact.  I am a teacher.  I turn off my phone during school hours. Thank you for your understanding and consideration.

Tan M. Lam
Tu Luong Foundation
P.O. Box 974
Seahurst, WA 98062 or