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Sample Proposal

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Project Topic Establishment of a Grants Acquisition Department for Peoples Eye Care Program (PECAP).


Problem Statement

There are millions of blind and disabled people across the globe who have no access to health screenings, sight evaluation, or blindness prevention and rehabilitation services.  Services are being successfully provided only to a small fraction of those who need them.  PECAP, a major provider of these services, would like to multiply its capability as a provider and continuing supporter of worldwide health care projects for the blind and disabled.


Mission Statement

By the end of Project Year Three, a self-sustaining Grants Acquisition Department, producing $1,000,000 in additional revenue to support PECAP projects worldwide will be established.


Seed Money is Needed

Believing the adage, "give a fish, feed for a day; equip to fish, feed for a lifetime," PECAP requires funding for set-up and implementation of a comprehensive Grants Acquisition effort.  Unlike direct mail Fund Raising, establishing a successful Grants Acquisition Department requires a three-year start-up and implementation period due to the unique application, proposal, and review processes involved.  Grant proposals will be submitted and grant awards acquired during this three-year period.


Return on Investment

The initial investment for a three-year start-up is $196,649, of which PECAP will contribute $64,204.  The expected return, the second project year $200,000.  By the end of project year three, $500,000 in grants will be awarded.


This represents a return on investment of almost 400%.  The return on the three-year investment is 3 times the original investment.  Over time, the return on investment will grow as the revenue generated in the Grants Acquisition Department increases.


Who We Are

PPP Eye Care Program (PECAP) is a multi-national organization of health care professionals and educators dedicated to serving the blind and handicapped irrespective of nationality, race, sex, or religion.


What We Do

In 2001 PECAP helped 5.5 million needy people, primarily in the areas of preventative eye care, sight improvement, restoration and rehabilitation/integration services.  In addition, supplementary services to combat other health crises with orthopedic aides, training and education, and referrals are made available through PECAP's resources and supporters.


PECAP professionals offer services throughout the developing world with almost 800 national partners and supports more than 2,000 special projects.  We work with 220 overseas co-workers and 6,200 national co-workers.  Our partners span the globe.


We train nearly 55,000 blind children in schools and rehabilitation workshops, sponsor mobile eye clinics, health education programs, and treatment for more than 1,550,000 people.  PECAP partners perform more than 180,000 cataract operations and dispense 270,000 pairs of glasses annually. In addition we educate and train more than 10,000 hearing impaired.



Through our supplementary services, we provide medical care, orthopedic aids, and training for 99,000 orthopedic, polio, and leprosy patients.  We extend nurturing support to 12,900 mentally disabled and multi-handicapped people as we provide counseling through our Loving Support Network.


The Problem and Solution

Though we raise over $1.4 million in the United States yearly, this amount barely scratches the surface in relation to the need.  Currently, our funds are acquired through direct mail and major donor Fund Raising.  But, Fund Raising is only one-half an effort.  Grants Acquisition is the other half.  We need, and believe we can raise, an additional $1,000,000 a year through grant awards for our projects.


To serve more people in more countries, we must invest in a full-time grant seeking effort; however, we have few resources to initiate such an endeavor.  The start-up and implementation phases of establishing a successful Grants Acquisition Department must be three-years in length.  At the end of three years, the Department will be self-sustaining.  The funding we need is to support the first three years of the program.


The start up for Grants Acquisition is slow, but the rewards are great.  The reason for the slow start-up rests on the complexity of the grants process.  Whether grants are individual, corporate, or foundation, one must first identify a project, then research grant makers, acquire proposal guidelines, analyze the guidelines, write and publish the proposal, and submit it.  Some proposals are less than five pages in length and others are 100 pages or better.  Proposals must go through a multiple step review process.  This review can take from one month to nine months to complete.  The effort expended does not go unrewarded.


In Fund Raising, we count on donations from $5 and $10 to amounts over $10,000.  We put those funds together to support continuation of projects, purchase of medicines and other necessities.  Through Grants Acquisition, we hope to supplement our donations with targeted grant awards covering major expenditures such as hospital and optical equipment, establishment of new clinical facilities, innovative initiatives with partners, and other significant fundamental efforts.


Once a grant seeking process has begun in earnest, grant proposals can be written and submitted on a regular basis so that multiple endeavors are at various stages of submission and review at all times.  The seed funding we are requesting will be an investment in a long term program of Grants Acquisition at PECAP.  Dollars donated to our Grants Acquisition project are guaranteed to bear fruit for the future.


As insurance for success, we've gained the support of Polaris Corporation, in business for over eleven years successfully assisting health care, non-profit, and education organizations in acquiring grant funds.  Polaris' success rate is better than 90% with its clients.  The company provides the training, technical assistance, and help in finding and matching the funding sources we need to be successful.  Use of these support services to aide and guide our own grant writer so that our project will succeed is very important.  Polaris adds the grants team we need, when we need it, without requiring the hiring of additional employees.  This means we only have to hire and support one employee to complete our Major Donor Grants Acquisition Department.


What We Need for the Project

To accomplish our goal to develop a self-sustaining Grants Acquisition Department for PECAP, we need funding for the following:


1.  Personnel, One Writer/Administrative Assistant - it is important that we hire an in-house grant writer to insure the grant proposals are consistent with our focus, policies, and mission.  This person should be one who has very good writing, problem-solving, and research skills.  The grant writer does not have to know anything about Grants Acquisition because (s)he will be trained by experts in the Grants Acquisition field.


2.  Training - the newly hired grant writer will take at least four courses.  (S)he will take a two-day fundamentals course, a two-day intermediate course focused on technology and equipment acquisition techniques, a two-day Advanced course, and a two-day course offered by the Foundation Center.  Care will be taken to insure that travel and other expenses are kept to a minimum.


3.  Equipment - the grant writer must have a computer, laser and ink jet printer, CD ROM, and modem, as well as Internet access for the necessary writing, publishing, and research involved.



4.  Materials - a small library of publications and tools are needed.....

The Foundation Center Collection including Foundation Directory, Supplement, Foundation 1000, and the National Directory of Corporate Giving.  These are the definitive directories in the field...... etc.


Cost Analysis and Budget Total - Project Year One                                         Total


One writer  $25,000 per year plus benefits package of 23%                                $30,750.00

6 training programs $300.00 average each for 2 people                                       $  3,600.00

Lodging for training  10 nights for 2 people  $75 + 7% tax average                       $  1,605.00

Travel for training                    1,100 miles   0.30 per mile                                      $495.00

Meals for training            10 days for 2 people     $25 per day                                $500.00

Computer Equipment      

1 Computer with a 4 GB hard drive & 60 MB RAM                                                 $5,000.00

Laser Printer                                                                                                      $2,200.00

Ink Jet printer for drafts and letters                                                                        $550.00

Modem for Internet access                                                                                     $150.00


Foundation Center Collection (Four Volumes)                                                        $795.00

Polaris Publication Set (Four Volumes)                                                                   $295.00

Catalog of Federal Domestic Asst. (Annual Subscription)                                          $55.


Microsoft Word for Windows                                                                                 $300.00

FileMaker Pro or FoxPro for Windows                                                                    $300.

Graphics Program                                                                                                 500.00

Chart Making Program                                                                                          200.00

PageMaker for Windows                                                                                        600.00


Copy Paper                                                                                                          180.00

Packs of 3 1/4 Disks                                                                                            400.00

Calculator Tapes                                                                                                    15.00

Reams 60 pound cover stock                                                                                   48.00

Letterhead                                                                                                             150.00

Large Manila Envelopes                                                                                          100.00

Office Kit                                                                                                                35.00


Services & Misc    

Internet Access Svc                                                                                                               240.00

Technical Assistance in Grant Seeking,

Major Donor, and Estate Planning             12       $3000.00/mo                               36,000.00

Long Distance Svc                                12        $200.00/mo                                   2,400.00



10 X 12 Office Space (incl. electric)          12        $150.00/mo                                1,800.00

Grand Total                                                                                                         $89,283.00


What We Need from You

We ask your support for our project by funding the (pick several items and specifically address them to a potential funder).