Sample Letter of Inquiry

Program Director
The XYZ Foundation
Street YYYYY
City, State, Zip

Dear Mr. XYZ:

I am pleased to share with you a project that I believe will be of interest to the XYZ Foundation. Imagine a XYZ school where information and training materials are readily available for sharing and easily accessible. Imagine a place that provides leadership for educational enrichment for students and educators at all age levels through distance education, on-line learning, and the production and distribution of instructional video series meeting needs of students, staff, educators, and administrators any where. This letter outlines the steps that XYZ will take to become part of the information infrastructure in the world of high tech learning and introduces you to our school.

First, this new project will enlist the leadership of XYZ staff and faculties to form partnerships with other schools to share cost of teaching through videoconferencing. For example, students from other schools in rural areas can share an advanced Calculus course with XYZ via the current videoconference technology. Many advanced courses and training are not available from schools in rural areas due to lack of teacher. This videoconference technology will bring the best teachers into the classrooms from a distance. Schools will share the cost of instruction.

We are seeking support from the XYZ Foundation to enable us to develop an effective academic program and demonstrate its effectiveness to other Christian schools. We ask for your partnership because of your interest in education and youth leadership development, especially for those from rural communities. The program is designed to attract and to provide advanced training and to prepare rural students in grades 8 through 12 to enter college. This program provides shared training to enrich academic skills in mathematics, science, language, and writing via meeting from a distance through videoconference technology. Finally, school administrators will be able to conduct meetings from a distance reducing expenditures of time and money for travel. This means more time and funds will be devoted to other needs.

The proposed education supplements the overall program objective of providing a strong stimulus for academic achievement plus promoting high tech education. Students will greatly benefit from this shared education and outreach program, developing invaluable leadership skills as well as knowledge of current technology. Over the years and through a significant financial commitment, the XYZ Foundation has helped to demonstrate the effectiveness of youth leadership development and community-based programs to eliminate many of our societal problems. With the partnership of the XYZ Foundation, our young leaders will bring vital Christian education and positive change in their own communities.

Second, XYZ was organized in July 1993 in Westby, Wisconsin. The purpose of XYZ is to provide a quality education, which results in the highest standards for personal development, social relationships and academics. XYZ makes every effort to keep tuition charges at the lowest possible level in order to make this educational opportunity available to as many families in the area as possible. The current monthly tuition for the first child in a family is $145, the second child $115, and the third child $105. Salaries for teachers and administrators are in the minimal range ($10,000-$12,000 base). All other staff of the school are volunteers, and thousands of hours of volunteer time are donated each year. XYZ is a 501©3 non-profit institution with an annual budget that is dependent largely upon tuition, fundraising activities, donations, and grants. The school is registered as a tax-exempt organization and is also recognized by the State of XYZ.

XYZ is seeking $90,000 to invest in the videoconference technology for professional training, meeting at a distance, and sharing classroom with other schools. We look forward to your thoughtful consideration of our request and the opportunity to submit a formal proposal for your review. Should you wish additional information, we would be pleased to arrange a conference call.



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