What questions would you like to ask grantmakers?

What do you look for in a proposal?

What do you see as a successful proposal?

What do you think as a fundable project?

How do you approach corporate funders?

What is/are your tip(s) for crafting a winning grant proposal?

How Telling the Story:  Writing proposal that get read?

What does every grantwriter need to know?

How to effectively approach funding institutions?

Comments from the Survey (taken from Northwest Forum: www.nwforum.org)

General discussion topics and issues:

Address mismatch between the expectations of the social venture model versus realistic outcomes that social service programs are able to effect. When dealing with people’s lives and behaviors, it is not always possible to produce the short-term results funders seem to be looking for.

I’d like to see (and participate in) a forum where funders and donors meet with nonprofit board and staff members to talk openly about their relationships.

The challenge for me continues to be the expanding role of leadership and the expansive definitions attached to that role — and the ongoing challenges of juggling the competing demands of family, work, and personal life.

How can we turn non-profit arts rivalry into healthy, cooperative competition which increases potential industry earnings?

Although I represent a family foundation, I also serve on several educational organization boards.  The challenge is to raise ever-increasing amounts to meet the continuing demands for service.  However, it is not always apparent whether those funds are, in fact, being put to their best use. Better accountability is definitely needed. There also tends to be overlapping in providing service due to competition.

Specific Ideas and Comments

I would like to hear some success stories from a successful grant funded projects.

In addition to attending seminars such as today’s, what can my organization do in the short term and long term to achieve financial stability?

More demands for services continues to rank high in list of challenges — which, of course, is related to the need for additional revenue in order to increase staffing.

How can I balance the need to raise additional money to provide free services to members while at the same time needing to provide something of value to paying members (and, maybe, non-members) as the source of the additional money to provide free services to members who cannot pay the fees?

I am going to the conference to get ideas about new ways to earn revenue for my organization and/or ways that we might partner with other organizations to avoid duplicating services.

We are a technical assistance provider ourselves but we have a difficult time raising and earning money. We have many requests for our services and a loyal group of volunteers and arts organizations that work with us but we are constantly struggling to stabilize our funding so that we can put more of our energy into providing assistance.

In a culturally conservative environment, how can social service organizations increase their standing with the general public? Big question, but maybe you have a few thoughts.

I would like to hear some discussion on revenue generating activities in non-profits…
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