Virtual Conference

TL Foundation is pleased to announce the Virtual Conference, which will held online at Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and/or Zoom.US on TBD. This is the premier conference that brings together both sides of the philanthropy communities for promoting collaboration and mutual respect.

Virtual Conference (VC) allows remote attendees to access live breakout and keynote sessions activities in real time from their computer. VC uses Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and/or Zoom video conferencing services and platforms, which are compatible with most PC, Mac, Linus and smart phones. A virtual facilitator will be in the room for all live sessions, and will make sure that questions, comments, and group work are shared with attendees and session presenters.

Please return to this site often, as we’ll be updating it regularly.

Conference Tracts
Through the powerful collaboration with grantmakers and nonprofit leaders, our virtual conference will convene high quality presenters to deliver information-filled workshops in five tracks:

Meet the Grantmakers
Meet diverse panel of foundation representatives (family, independent, and corporate) who will present their views on establishing solid relationships with potential funders.  Each will discuss their particular field of expertise with the opportunity for questions by attendees.  This is everything you ever wanted to know about grantmakers—You will learn about types of foundations and strategies to effectively approach these mysterious institutions of funding.  You will learn things that grantmakers hope to find in every effective grant proposal.

Fun Raising and Fund Development
Workshops will include grant writing, capital campaigns, the very popular “Meet the Grantmakers” forum, and much more.

Market, Media, and Technology
These sessions are designed to help organizations communicate effectively with members, donors, and the media to utilize technology as a mean of increase effectiveness.

Nonprofit Business and Management
Workshops will provide tools, techniques, and information designed to increase nonprofit organization capacity.

Ever wish you could relocate a course, meeting or presentation from the stuffy meeting room to the organization’s sofa? With virtual conference, you can do just that. Just make sure to bring your laptop.

Please use email for initial contact. Thank you.

Tan M Lam
TL Foundation/Mini Medical School
2116 SW 152nd St Box 974
Seahurst, WA 98062


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