Tumorigenic Progression

Tumorigenic Progression (cancer development) Model

As an undergraduate student, I had four years of experience as laboratory assistant. My undergraduate research involved studying the mitochondrial DNA in tumorigenesis (Federation Proceedings, 48, (1990) 763A. My research gave me solid experience in tissue culture and molecular biology techniques.

Developed a model that represent different stages of tumorigenic progression (cancer development). The cells are 1) normal NIH Swiss embryonic cells (mortal); 2) non-tumorigenic NIH 3T3 cells (immortal); 3) tumorigenic ras oncogenic-transformed NIH 3T3 cells; 4) cancer cells (from injection of ras oncogene-transformed NIH 3T3 cells into NIH Swiss mouse; and 5) Metastatic cancer cells (from injection of cancer cells into NIH Swiss mouse).

Study respiratory metabolism and Mitochondrial DNA structure in tumorigenic progression.

A tumor progression model derived from a new T24 HRAS transformed NIH/3T3 cell line.

T1-A, T2-A, T3-HA, T4PA lines derived from GhrasT-NIH/3T3, T1-A, T2-A, T3-HA tumors.

PCR detected the human HRAS oncogene in T2-A and T4-PA metastatic tumors.

These five new cell lines showed a progressive increase in tumorigenic potential.

New method obtained doubling times using daily photomicrographs of gridded plates.


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