About TL Foundation

Tan Lam (graphic memoir) established Tu Luong Medical Mission Foundation (TL Foundation or TLF) in 1992 when Tan was a graduate student at Dartmouth Medical School.  Tu and Luong were his mother and father first names, respectively. Tu Luong means from the heart in Vietnamese; Tu Luong also comes from Vietnamese medical ethics for “Lương y như từ mẩu” or  “doctor is like a mother.”  In Filipino, Tu Luong means “to help or to relief.”

In 1988, Tu and Luong passed away in Vietnam on the same day just of couple hours apart. One of their dreams was to have one of their 14 children to become a doctor.  TL Foundation was establish by Tan Lam in honor of his parents. TLF’s first purpose was to provide free medical services to Vietnamese refugees in Southeast Asia (Graphic Timeline of Vietnamese History). When the last Vietnamese camp closed, TLF (501c3) was reincorporated in Washington to support education, medical missions, and other nonprofit organizations.

Tu & Luong Family History

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