Introduction to Grant Writing

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Introduction to Grant Writing Anatomy of Grant Proposal.pdf Letter of Inquiry.pdf Letter of Introduction.pdf Proposal Writing.pdf Sample Budget.pdf Sample Grant Proposal AA Degree (31).pdf Abuse Prevention (1).pdf Alternative Education (94).pdf Animated Biology (6).pdf Background tech (33).pdf Bl Connection Project (35).pdf CE Teaching Excellence (36).pdf Conflict Resolution (5).pdf Police Grants.pdf Construction … Continue reading



Developing Fundraising Plan Foundation.pdf Faith and Community Based Organizations.pdf Financing After School Program.pdf Foundations and Grants.pdf Intro_to_Fundraising.pdf Seeking_Foundation_Funding.pdf Types of Foundation.pdf When Grantmakers Come Calling.pdf Click Here for Other Grantseekers Resources  

Community foundation

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Click Here for All Other Community Foundations Community foundations (CFs) are instruments of civil society designed to pool donations into a coordinated investment and grant making facility dedicated primarily to the social improvement of a given place. Community foundations are a global phenomenon with about 1500 existing around the world … Continue reading

Georgia Community Foundations


Community Foundation of Central Georgia 277 Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. Suite 303 Macon, GA 31201-3489 Contact Phone: 478/750-9338 Fax: 478/738-9214 Contact: Kathryn H. Dennis, President The Community Foundation of the Chattahoochee Valley 1340 13th Street Columbus, GA 31901-2345 Contact Phone: 706/320-0027×10 Fax: 706/320-9331 Contact: Betsy W. Covington, Executive Director … Continue reading

Alabama Community Foundations


The Community Foundation of Greater Birmingham 2100 First Avenue North, Suite 700 Birmingham, AL 35203-4223 Contact Phone: 205/327-3800 Fax: 205/328-6576 Contact: Kate Nielsen, President E-Mail: Community Foundation of Northeast Alabama P.O. Box 1826 Anniston, AL 36202-1826 Contact Phone: 256/231-5160 Fax: 256/231-5161 Contact: Jennifer Maddox, CEO E-Mail: The Community … Continue reading

Alaska and Hawaii Community Foundations


Click Here for All Other Community Foundations The Alaska Community Foundation 400 L Street Suite 100 Anchorage, AK 99501 Phone: 907/334-6700 Contact: Ms. Candace Winkler, CEO/President E-Mail: The Homer Foundation P.O. Box 2600 Homer, AK 99603-2600 Phone: 907/235-0541 Fax: 907/235-2021 Contact: Joy Steward , Executive Director The Hawai’i Community … Continue reading

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