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Online U.S. High School Diploma

Seattle Mini Medical School offers U.S. High School Diploma Programs for students around the world. All International students are welcome to enroll in our online school education program which is accredited by State of Washington Board of Education. International students will get a major benefit to earn an official US high school diploma and transcript without having to travel to the United States. The international programs will reduce the efforts of traveling to the United States and expenses incurred on Students visa (I-20), and accommodation arrangements. 

Online school degree is becoming a popular option for international students looking to advance their education. Online school degree covers a wide range of educational subjects and courses.  Online program offers students the benefits and opportunities to complete their education at their own pace and time. International students will have the opportunity to learn and interact with American teachers daily. In addition, international students will confidently use English in both communicative and academic areas. This helps students prepare well before studying abroad in the future, as they have early access to American subjects, learning styles and culture.

Dual Diploma Program: As a dual diploma program, students continue their country’s education while simultaneously enrolled in our school. Another very important benefit is that most American universities will accept the international student (with an American high school diploma) without requiring the TOEFL or IELTS exams. SMMS will transfer up to 75% of credits from your current high school and count toward graduation requirements. This means that regardless of how many credits a student has earned from a previous school, students must complete a minimum of 5-6 credits at SMMS before a diploma will be issued. For more details, please read credit transfer policy. 

International Students and Credit Transfer Policy: International/foreign (non-US credits) will be accepted when verified and evaluated by Seattle Mini Medical School registrar office or Educational Credential Evaluators ( Students are responsible for arranging credential evaluators to evaluate credits and have a transcript report forwarded to Seattle Mini Medical School. Students are responsible for all fees. Alternatively, students can arrange official transcript forward to SMMS from current school.  We do not accept transcripts directly from students. This is the only method by which SMMS will accept credits from other nations. SMMS requires a course-by-course assessment of all credits transferred.

College courses may be transferred to fulfill high school graduation requirements on a case-by-case basis using the following “Carnegie student hour” to SMMS credit conversion:

3-4 credit College courses = 1 credit at SMMS;

2 credit College courses = 0.5 credit at SMMS;

1 credit College courses = 0.25 credit at SMMS.

Official Records: International students must provide an appropriately authenticated official transcript issued by a governmental authority. Transcripts not in U.S. equivalency must be translated through a National Association of Credential Evaluation Services (NACES) or Educational Credential Evaluators approved translating services.

Program Benefits:

Preparation: Students who plan to study overseas need to prepare themselves to do so. By taking online courses, students can experience the American education system (classes, curriculum, students, and teachers) long before landing in the United States.

Marketability: Applying to University in America can be extremely competitive. By having American high school course credits, students increase their marketability when applying to colleges and universities.

Accredited: Accredited coursework can be used towards obtaining a high school diploma.

Certified Teachers Support: Highly trained, certified teachers are available to support your online learning to earn U.S High School Diploma.

Convenient: Receive American high school credits without having to move abroad.

Inexpensive: Now, to earn U.S High School Diploma is easy and cost-effective, affordable and viable alternative for students without traveling to the United States. Seattle Mini Medical School online education is inexpensive.

Higher Flexibility US Diploma: To get US high school diploma our online courses are guided through a structured and a flexible procedure according to the needs of international students.

More Individual Attention: Your opportunity to online learning is enhanced. Personalized attention is provided to international students.

Future Academic Options: After you have graduated from Seattle Mini Medical School online school with a high school diploma Certification, you can then decide to travel to the United States to continue your University studies. The option is still there to continue and earn a bachelor’s degree Certification- without leaving your home country.

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We are providing you with access, options, and empowering you to take control of your education and your future. You now have the same opportunities as any student living in the United States of America. Before enrolling for our US High School Diploma Programs if you have any questions then please contact our Admissions Advisor who will assist with the enrollment process and help you by selecting classes after understanding the purpose and goal for your career.

Email is the preferred method for initial contact. Thank you for your understanding.