About Us

Tu Luong Medical Mission Foundation (TLF) was established in 1992 by Tan Lam in honoring of his mother Tu and father Luong. 

Our first purpose was to organizes teams of healthcare professionals, students, and other volunteers to travel and provide free medical services to Vietnamese refugees in Southeast Asia. When the last Vietnamese refugee camp closed, TLF reincorporated in Washington to support medical missions and mini medical education.


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Nonprofit Virtual Conference

TL Foundation is pleased to announce the Virtual Conference, which will held online at Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and/or Zoom.US on TBD. This is the premier conference that brings together both sides of the philanthropy communities for promoting collaboration and mutual respect.

Virtual Conference (VC) allows remote attendees to access live breakout and keynote sessions activities in real time from their computer. VC uses Microsoft Teams, Google Meet and/or Zoom video conferencing services and platforms, which are compatible with most PC, Mac, Linus and smart phones. A virtual facilitator will be in the room for all live sessions, and will make sure that questions, comments, and group work are shared with attendees and session presenters.

Please return to this site often, as we’ll be updating it regularly.

Conference Tracts
Through the powerful collaboration with grantmakers and nonprofit leaders, our virtual conference will convene high quality presenters to deliver information-filled workshops in five tracks:

Meet the Grantmakers
Meet diverse panel of foundation representatives (family, independent, and corporate) who will present their views on establishing solid relationships with potential funders.  Each will discuss their particular field of expertise with the opportunity for questions by attendees.  This is everything you ever wanted to know about grantmakers—You will learn about types of foundations and strategies to effectively approach these mysterious institutions of funding.  You will learn things that grantmakers hope to find in every effective grant proposal.

Fun Raising and Fund Development
Workshops will include grant writing, capital campaigns, the very popular “Meet the Grantmakers” forum, and much more.

Market, Media, and Technology
These sessions are designed to help organizations communicate effectively with members, donors, and the media to utilize technology as a mean of increase effectiveness.

Nonprofit Business and Management
Workshops will provide tools, techniques, and information designed to increase nonprofit organization capacity.

Ever wish you could relocate a course, meeting or presentation from the stuffy meeting room to the organization’s sofa? With virtual conference, you can do just that. Just make sure to bring your laptop.

While our conference is help once a year. Our webinar series on fundrasing, marketing, media, technology, business, and management are help monthly or weekly.

Nonprofit Expo

Looking for a way to get involved in your community? TL Foundation invites you to attend The Super Nonprofit Expo and meet with local nonprofits online. The Nonprofit Expo is an opportunity to explore the wide world of nonprofits, hear from professionals about their paths, connect with organizations offering volunteer opportunities, internships and jobs.  The nonprofits attending represent a wide array of interests and causes. Our nonprofit guests include:

Please return to this site often, as we’ll be updating it regularly.

This event is free to attend and open to any one who wants to learn more, and connect with volunteer and board service opportunities in the U.S. nonprofit community.

We kindly request your registration so we can have an accurate number for virtual space planning and send you the link (Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and/or Zoom) where for Meet & Greet the Nonprofits.

Email is the preferred method for initial contact. Thank you for your understanding.

Nonprofit Collaboration

The goal of nonprofit teams collaboration is to use Microsoft Teams to bring nonprofit organizations together to collaborate and to get more done on a shared project or goal. The benefits of collaboration is that we work effectively together: improve productivity, save time, and accomplish more. Collaboration breaks down silos and bring our teams together, keeping everyone in the loop and ensuring everyone has a voice.

Features of Microsoft Teams:
Share files, co-author and edit content simultaneously, automatically save everyone’s changes, communicate in real-time, video conference, ideate in the Whiteboard app, work together in channels, and more.

Five Ways to Collaborate with Other Nonprofit Organizations
Summarized and adapted from “Five Ways To Partner With Another Nonprofit For Marketing Wins” By Gloria Horsley, Forbes Nonprofit Council.”

1. Webinars
Nonprofits can use Microsoft Teams to host live webinar and collaborate on specific topics. For example, nonprofits can work with another nonprofit on a holiday grief topic. By expanding the number of experts we had on the subject across many organizations, it promoted our thought leadership on an important topic for the holidays and showed the value each of us offers. The webinars feature valuable tips and opportunities for interaction.

2. Repurposed Content
Nonprofits can use Microsoft Teams to share resources, to trade existing content, and repurpose it for each other's blogs or social media profiles. This saves considerable time and money by using what is available and getting more mileage out of the valuable information.

3. Virtual Conferences and Trade Shows
We can use Microsoft Teams for virtual conference and trade show. The traditional trade show and participation cost so much more but also offer an opportunity to engage with people face to face and learn from others while generating a thought leadership position. Microsoft Teams can be use to host virtual conferences and trade shows for a fraction of the cost of the traditional events while reaching out to larger audiences.

4. Virtual Events and Fundraisers
Traditional conferences, events and fundraisers can become expensive but are necessary to raise money and awareness. Microsoft Teams can be used to reach donor that cannot be able to participate in person.

5. Skill Sets
Microsoft Teams can be used to collaborate and to share our skill sets. For example, one nonprofit has the technology skills but lack of contain, and other nonprofits have contents but lack of technological skills. One will get help with technology, other will get help building with content library. Nonprofits can also skills and experiences around fundraising, conferences, event planning, etc. This creates a seamless process and provides access to a comprehensive set of skills for between nonprofit organizations.

Things To Remember
One of the most important lessons we have learned from partnering with another nonprofit is to regularly communicate about what each organization is doing to see if it creates any mutual marketing/fundraising wins. Also, regular planning sessions on a quarterly basis have helped us disseminate our goals, find shared interests, decide on tactics we plan to implement together and agree on messaging and key responsibilities. By doing so, you'll be able to get the most from these nonprofit partnerships for the benefit of all involved. Again, Microsoft Teams will be able to help us with this.


Horsley, G. (2019, January 16).  Five Ways To Partner With Another Nonprofit For Marketing Wins. Forbes.com. https://www.forbes.com/sites/forbesnonprofitcouncil/2019/01/16/five-ways-to-partner-with-another-nonprofit-for-marketing-wins/?sh=374a36942185

Email is the preferred method for initial contact.  Thank you for your understanding.



TL Foundation is a nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Charitable gifts made to most nonprofit organizations that are officially recognized by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) as having 501(c) (3) status are considered to be tax deductible contributions. Would you please consider make a donation to the Tu Luong Foundation? Please click on Paypal button or scan the QR Code the button below to make a donation through Paypal. Thank you.



Email is the preferred method for initial contact. Thank you.



Email is the preferred method for initial contact. Thank you.


Medical Missions


We are working with network of students, doctors, nurses, public health, social worker, and other healthcare workers and volunteers to provide free services to the underserved population around the world who cannot access to healthcare due to financial or geographical reasons.

High School and College Students
For high school and college students, our medical missions providing them with clinical experiences that instill compassion and that help students understand the true meaning of medicine and service. Medical mission helps students take their education to the next level.
  • Chance to participate in providing health care to poor patients.
  • Shadowing the professionals and learn valuable experiences for future healthcare career.
  • Learning teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Provide training for local health professionals
  • Hard work and leadership will be reflected in letter of recommendations.
  • Develop long lasting friendships and gain valuable cultural experience.

Email is the preferred method for initial contact. Thank you.